MONDAY, OCTOBER 17 Cracking the Code: Building Trust & Transparency in Social Live Feeds

Time: 2:50 – 3:10 PM

Location: The Tech Lab

In the age of social media, it’s crucial that your global brand’s message thrives between selfies, posts, and stories. Given the explosive growth of user-generated content on social live feeds, marketers want to rest assured that social live feed environments are brand safe and suitable.

Join IAS’s Lisa Utzschneider, TikTok’s Jorge Ruiz, and Publicis’s Shelby Saville as they discuss building trust & transparency in the live feeds of social platforms and why media quality matters.

Lisa Utzschneider

Chief Executive Officer, Integral Ad Science

Jorge Ruiz

Global Head of Marketing Science, TikTok

Shelby Saville

Chief Investment Officer, Publicis

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 18 Amplifying Quality Audio Opportunities

Time: 1:55 – 2:15 PM

Location: The Screening Room

Consumers are shifting their digital habits to audio, and advertisers are following closely behind.

As advertisers continue to invest in digital audio advertising, media quality assurance is necessary to ensure that ads are audible and free from invalid traffic. Join IAS, Spotify, Magna Global, and Johnson & Johnson as they discuss brand safety and suitability for podcast advertisers. We’ll hear why media experts prefer programmatic ad buying for digital audio and the importance of third-party verification for audio advertisers

Yannis Dosios

Chief Commercial Officer, Integral Ad Science

Sara Tehrani

Vice President, Global Digital Partnerships & Media Responsibility, Magna Global

David Byrne

Director, Global Advertising Brand Safety, Spotify

Mark Proulx

Senior Manager, Brand Safety & Marketing Data Compliance, Johnson & Johnson

MONDAY, OCTOBER 17 CTV: Where Are We on the Programmatic Journey?

Time: 4:35 PM

Location: The Screening Room

In this CTV fireside conversation, Alysha Dino, Publisher Development Director at Publica, will be joined by Matthew Jamison, Group Vice President of Digital and Demand Partnerships at DIRECTV Advertising, to talk about the growing AVOD and FAST streaming ecosystem and the role of programmatic technology in the future of TV advertising.

Matthew Jamison

Group Vice President of Digital Demand Partnerships, DIRECTTV Advertising

Alysha Dino

Development Director, Publica

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